The first steps of the band were made in 2007 when Alko, Amon and Konstantin formed a groove metal project named „Morthem“. By time they also made a little grind project called „Sadistic Perversion“ and  released an EP called „The beginning of Intemperance“.
After many years, in which the band released an album, played shows with Sepultura, EyeHateGod, First Blood and went on a Europe tour with Internal Bleeding, the next step was made.
By fusioning the rhythms of Morthem and the sheer brutality of Sadistic Perversion, Pray for Pain was born and the group delivered their first album „The end of Decency“in 2015.
Since the very first day the name Pray for Pain stood for uncompromisable musical brutality which exposes the unfathomable depths of human nature. Pumping up the audiences the band is set to deliver a brutal live performance full of energy.


Mitglieder der Band

Stani – Vocals
Amon – Guitar
Alko – Drums
Kevin – Bass