2 new gigs

Only two weeks left until we hit the road for our little trip to the east!
On the 23rd we will play at the DeadFest vol.2 Porky Vagina,Oblivion,Astarot + goście together with our bros from Astarot Devouring Oblivion and Porky Vagina ! ❤️
The day before we will have our first gig in eastern germany! Together with Art of Derangement at the Metal over Muggefug: Pray for Pain + Art of Derangement !????

So be there and make party with us! Abgehn!


Unfortunately they are pretty sad news this time: Our singer Mephisto is stepping back from the band due to personal reasons. Here is a statement from him for you:
„Dear fans and friends,
Due to personal reasons I have to step back from my position as singer for Pray For Pain.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who came to our shows and supported us and hopefully will in the future.

The most gratitude though goes out to my amazing band mates Alko (drums), Mani (guitar) and Kevin (bass). Thank you for over eleven years of hard work, amazing shows, terrible shows, great times, ups and downs. What a fuckin ride it has been.

I wish you guys all the best on where ever this crazy road may take you. It’s impossible to put into words how much this means to me. Just know, you are always in my heart!
This is not a goodbye, just a see you later.
So… See you later.
Mephisto out!“

We are extremely sad to lose him as a bandmate, not only because the fact that we already did music together for so long, where we could see him develop and grow into his then new role as a singer over time, but also because of his great creative output that he provided. I mean shit he drew the whole artwork of our last EP by hand. It´s sad to lose him.

Even tho we are sad, we are still happy that everything went down without bad blood and to still have him as a friend. We absolutely understand and support his decision.

For the rest of us: We will keep going of course! Maybe a bit different now, but we are still going to play our EU-tour in May.

So stay with us, hopefully we will see some of you guys at one of those Shows!


Told ya there were big news ahead!
We are fucking honored to announce we are touring 10 days across europe together with Dysentery Parasitic Ejaculation and the pizza boys from ANALEPSY !

Catch us at one of these dates and spread some mosh brutality:

??️MAY 10, AHRENSBURG @ Holsteiner Death Fest 2019
??️MAY 11, PEER @ the other side
??MAY 12, PARIS @ Gibus Live
??M️AY 13, LYON @Rock n Eat
??️MAY 14, MILAN @ Slaughter Club
??️ MAY 15, LJUBLJANA @ Klub Gromka
??M️AY 16, VIENNA @ Viper Room Vienna
??MAY 18, LEIPZIG @ Neues Schauspiel

JUUNGÖÖ! What a fucking blast yesterday night was at the Grind meets…! Thanks to Thor and Ronny for putting up again such an amazing party ! And also thanks to those nasty Romanians from Pornthegore 3.0 for their philosophical sexy vibes! To all the people who came out and moshed with us, you are great! IHR FICKSCHNITZEL!!

We had a great time playing our first shows in Germany!

Thanks to all the bands for the great party, especially Clitgore and Inferia, it was methtacular!

So thanks for having us bavaria, we´ll come back !

We are back home and what can we say: What a fucking great weekend!It was great to see so many people supporting this…

Opslået af Pray for Pain på 2. juli 2017

18-06-2017 Final Flyers for Germany!

Here are the final flyers for our shows in germany:

On the 30th of June we´ll be playing at the „Dying Death Date“ in Memmingen, together with Inferia and GutFuck

The next day , the 1st of July, we´ll be part of the „Kot Kongress“ in Passau!

Only 3 weeks to go until we play our first 2 shows in Germany!Will be a brutal Party weekend with our friends from GutFuck , Sadistic Emergency and CxAx Condylomata Acuminata!

Opslået af Pray for Pain på 8. juni 2017